Walt Disney Company’s “Woke” Management Creating Hostile Work Environment

July 11, 2022  •  5:39pm

Washington, D.C. – America First Works is releasing a new video to highlight Disney’s new culture of progressive politics, which has created a hostile work environment for employees who disagree with extremist “wokeism.” The culture has led to high dissatisfaction rates among employees, who prefer that the company stay neutral regarding political issues, as has traditionally been the case. Employees who disagree with the “new” Disney are being pushed out of the company or are leaving.

On the other hand, activist employees staged walkouts against Disney CEO Bob Chapek for supposedly not doing enough to fight Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act. This bill forbids classroom discussion of age-inappropriate sexual topics for kindergarten through third grade. But it turns out that the group of activist employees was not speaking out of turn. In fact, Disney’s CEO made clear that they spoke for the company too.

Disney’s embrace of woke politics was not just for the cameras either; it applied to their entire work environment. Notable departures from Disney include communications chief Geoff Morrell and Chapek’s own deputy Peter Rice. Disney has created a culture of fear among its non-activist employees.

Remaining employees now state that morale is terrible as Chapek steers Disney toward a fuller embrace of “wokeism.” Rather than change course, Disney doubled down, recently extending Chapek’s contract with the company. So, Disney’s message to its employees and customers is simple: Disney is woke, and that is not changing.

Watch the new video here.