AFW Applauds the Departure of America Last Politicians  

September 14, 2023  •  10:19am

America First Works Supports the People of Utah; Their Senators Should, Too 

“AFW and all Americans are celebrating the retirement of U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney! Throughout his career, Romney has certainly shown us a distinct vision of America—one that champions globalism, empowers conglomerates, and leans into the establishment, often against the will of the American people.

Like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Jeff Flake, and many others, Mitt Romney fought harder against the America First movement than he ever did against the radical Left, big media, or the globalist elite. He marched with Black Lives Matter instead of supporting forgotten Americans. He worked hard to undermine President Trump, even voting for the phony impeachment, all while letting President Biden and the Democrats wreck the country we love.

Now, the people of Utah finally have a chance for true representation in Congress. His retirement is an incredible opportunity to send true America First patriots to Washington.”