AFW Executive Director Ashley Hayek on the Weaponization of Government Against Americans

March 22, 2023  •  12:00pm

“Over the past three years, we have seen the Biden Administration turn the American Dream into our worst nightmare. The radical Left, political elite, and legacy media — the SWAMP — have unveiled their true intentions. They have weaponized the government against the rest of America. We now have a two-tiered justice system that is coming not just for their top political opponent but for all of us — even you.

They’re targeting the 81-year-old Army veteran who attended the wrong protest, sentencing him to three years of probation. They’re targeting parents who dare speak up at school board meetings and labeling them as ‘domestic terrorists.’ They’re targeting a Catholic pro-life dad of seven who dared to pray outside an abortion clinic. Meanwhile, progressive woke prosecutors have allowed repeat offenders back on the streets, and the IRS has been emboldened with 87k new agents to target middle and low-income Americans.

The silent majority can no longer afford to be silent. This goes beyond the unjust prosecution from the Soros-funded Manhattan DA of a political opponent. Their message to us is clear: Say the wrong thing, go to the wrong church, attend the wrong rally or protest, and you’re next.”