America First Works Applauds Utah’s Energy Security Bill to Defend Against Federal Government Mandates

March 02, 2023  •  3:30pm

WASHINGTON, D.C. – America First Works (AFW) proudly supports Utah’s Energy Security Bill, HB 425, which defends against the Biden Administration’s mandates that shut down coal-fired power and weaken Utah’s energy security. AFW Executive Director Ashley Hayek released the following statement applauding the effort:

“Biden’s anti-American energy crusade is leaving states defenseless. Energy independence used to be a national issue. With Biden’s Green New Deal regulations, our states must now guard their energy independence against our government. Utah’s Energy Security Bill is a model for other states to follow. We are not Europe. With our abundant resources, there is no excuse for any part of America to lack energy capacity. We must protect American energy industries, especially coal, from being shut down by Biden.”

America First Works is the 501c(4) advocacy arm of the America First Policy Institute. As an extension of AFPI, AFW is entirely focused on advancing policy at all levels of government, including promoting economic opportunity, school choice, immigration reform, affordable healthcare, foster care reform, election integrity, and promoting safe communities.