America First Works Statement on the Biden Administration transferring student loan debt in house appropriations committee

July 01, 2022  •  12:33pm

Washington D.C. – America First Works submitted the following statement on Congressmember Ashley Hinson’s amendment to Block the Biden Administration from Transferring Student Loan Debt in House Appropriations Committee:

"America First Works applauds Congresswoman Ashley Hinson’s amendment blocking federal student loan debt cancellation. Calls for student loan forgiveness truly amount to debt redistribution to American families, whether they attended college or not. Nor would discharging debts solve the underlying problem. College is too expensive, and students are being saddled with debt they cannot afford because postsecondary institutions have few incentives to deliver a rigorous, workforce-aligned education at a reasonable price. Until underlying problems are addressed, loan forgiveness is at best a Band-Aid solution, and student loan balances will continue to balloon the moment Fall tuition bills come due." – Ashley Hayek, Executive Director of America First Works