America First Works will ignite the spirit of the nation. We believe in the American people. We will fight for a pro-America America where freedom, equality and justice continue to be the foundation of our republic. We are patriots who will deliver the America First agenda for generations to come.

Today, our country is under threat from radical policies that undermine the basis of our great nation. For far too long, government elites have shifted control away from hard-working men and women. They have tried to restrict our basic, most fundamental rights. But, from 2017 to 2020, the American people once again discovered their power.  

Our philosophy is simple. America First Works. The policies that put jobs first, opportunity first, security first, freedom first, innovation first - America First - are tried and true. America First Works will empower patriots passionate about the America First agenda to accomplish their policy and legislative goals. Together, we will revive American exceptionalism through the restoration of our heritage of self-governance. We will rise above the division being perpetrated by would-be elites through loving and serving one another in a vibrant market of industry and ideas.