Our Mission

“We the People”. We believe that the power of our Republic rightfully resides with the citizens of the United States. However, for far too long, the hard-working men and women of our country have had their sovereignty and freedom threatened by government elites.

We believe that the government exists to serve the people.

We believe in the American people and that the American Dream should be available to all citizens.

America First Works was founded to fight for our America First principles and the American Dream on behalf of all hard-working American citizens. Our mission is to rein in government excess, stop an unregulated bureaucracy, and put an end to the erosion of our liberty and security by lifelong bureaucrats.

Together, we will revive American exceptionalism through the restoration of our heritage of self-governance. We will rise above the division being perpetrated by would-be elites through loving and serving one another in a vibrant market of industry and ideas. We will work to ensure that the government serves “We the People”.

Our Philosophy

We believe in an America First agenda where we put:

  • American jobs first
  • American opportunity first
  • American security first
  • American freedom first
  • American innovation first

America First Works proudly believes in American exceptionalism and promotes an America First agenda through the promotion of policy and legislation.

Working with the American People

Together with the American people, we believe we can rise above the politics of division and chaos created by an elite class of legislators and special interests to promote an American First policy that will benefit all.

Together, we will revive American exceptionalism through the restoration of our heritage of self-governance.

Together, we will fight to preserve our values and our American way of life.

What We Do

America First Works educates and advocates for the America First agenda with members of Congress, state officials, local officials, and its grassroots army of America First Patriots. We maintain close relationships along all levels of government in order to ensure conservative policies are supported and become law.

The integrity of our republic depends on confidence in its elections. From local voting precincts to the halls of state governments, we will do everything possible to make sure that every lawful vote counts.

The real power in America rightfully belongs to you, the people. America First Works empowers grassroots leaders eager to play a pivotal role in advancing the America First Agenda. If you’re ready to step up, volunteer your time, and help us save America, we’re calling on you to join us. It’s your time to lead, inspire, and transform our nation from the ground up.

Join the Movement