Sweeping New SEC Rules Kill Jobs, Obfuscates Constitution!

February 22nd, 2022

Washington, D.C. – Today, America First Works (AFW) released the following statement in response to sweeping new job-killing regulations by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulators requiring public American businesses to disclose onerous environmental data about their operations and information regarding their suppliers and partnering operators.

“These new rules by the SEC are nearly impossible for public companies to follow and would unnecessarily strangle growth and kill jobs,” said Ashley Hayek, Executive Director of AFW. “We should allow American businesses to determine how to run their businesses for the financial interest of their shareholders instead of by unelected bureaucrats at the SEC. These rules blatantly bypass the Constitution, forcing the extreme political opinions of a few on to many.”

As the advocacy arm of the America First Policy Institute, AFW is focused on America First policies and will deliver the America First agenda for generations to come. AFW will promote policies that put American jobs, opportunity, security, freedom, and innovation first.

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