Florida State Senate Must Pass Legislation Favoring Florida Workers Now!

March 8th, 2022

Washington, D.C. – Today, Brooke Rollins released the following statement urging the Florida State Senate to act swiftly on a bill that would give power to workers rather than union bosses. The legislation cleared the Florida House of Representatives (HB1197) and has been idly sitting in the Florida Senate (SB1458) since March 4th. “Florida’s State Senate could further back up Florida’s status as a right-to-work state and send this bill to Governor Desantis’s desk tomorrow. The time to act is now. Policies like these that put Floridians first — Americans first — are part of the America First agenda. Employees should have the freedom to decide to pay union dues in any manner they choose and not just payroll deductions, while also making union membership a choice, free from coercion.”As the advocacy arm of the America First Policy Institute, America First Works is focused on America First policies and will deliver the America First agenda for generations to come. America First works will promote policies that put American jobs, opportunity, security, freedom, and innovation first.  Brooke Rollins is the former Director of the Domestic Policy Council and Chief Strategist in the White House under President Donald Trump, current President and CEO of the America First Policy Institute, and Senior Advisor to America First Works.

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