AFW Executive Director Ashley Hayek on the Urgency of Passing the Lower Energy Costs Act

March 28th, 2023

Washington, D.C. – Today, America First Works (AFW) released a statement regarding the urgency of passing House Republicans’ Lower Energy Costs Act, H.R. 1, which will help American families with the increased cost of living in the Biden economy. AFW Executive Director Ashley Hayek said the following:

“President Biden started a war on American energy, and it has cost American families dearly. Biden has managed to raise energy prices for Americans and energy imports from foreign countries. The path to reconciling this is simple — make it easier to tap into our own energy supply, and the cost to heat homes and at the pump will decrease. We had energy dominance just a few short years ago, and Congress owes every American a path to getting it back. The Lower Energy Costs Act is the right answer to combating the Left’s Green New Deal lunacy.”

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