AFW Denounces Governor Katie Hobbs’ Veto Agenda

April 21st, 2023

Washington, D.C. – Last week, Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed House Bill 2552, which would have banned Ranked Choice Voting throughout Arizona. To date, she has vetoed more than 60 bills. America First Works Executive Director Ashley Hayek released the following statement denouncing her actions:

“Arizona’s overwhelming distrust of the election system has been worsened by Governor Katie Hobbs’ refusal to sign legislation that would take a step in restoring integrity. Ranked Choice Voting should be banned not just in Arizona but throughout America. This outrageous system turns democracy on its head by allowing for the second-place vote-getter to win potentially.

This week, Hobbs broke an Arizona record for most vetoes in one day, with 11 in total. So far, more than 60 bills have been vetoed, making it clear she is not so much a governor as she is a radical placeholder for that office. She has no agenda, no plan, and no vision for Arizona. In other words, her only hope for re-election will be more chaos at the ballot box, which may be where Ranked Choice Voting comes in.”

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