Statement on the Colorado State Supreme Court’s Attack on the Rights of the American people:

December 20th, 2023

The court’s unprecedented move to bar former President Donald Trump from the 2024 Colorado primary ballot is a blatant display of judicial overreach and political bias. This decision, made by a divided court in one of our nation’s most liberal states, is a chilling example of how far certain factions will go to silence a voice that millions of Americans support.

The majority’s reliance on a scarcely invoked provision of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment is not only a misinterpretation of its intent but also a dangerous manipulation of our legal framework to serve a political agenda. This is blatant attempt to disenfranchise the millions of Americans who support President Trump.

This decision is more than just a judicial ruling; it is a threat to the very foundations of our democracy. It sets a dangerous precedent where the judicial system can be weaponized to suppress the political voice of an individual, thereby undermining the will of the people. This is not just about President Trump; it’s about safeguarding the rights of every American to choose their leaders without interference from a biased judiciary.

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