America First Works Announces Christian Visibility Day

March 30th, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an era where the foundational values of liberty and truth are under constant siege, America First Works (AFW) is proud to launch a groundbreaking initiative – Christian Visibility Day, slated for November 5th. This day marks a significant mobilization of faith in the public square, reinforcing our commitment to being the light of the world and the salt of the Earth, as instructed by Jesus Christ:

“At a critical point in America, the call for the Church to actively participate in the marketplace of ideas has never been more urgent. AFW believes that abstaining from engaging in contemporary issues equates to missing a historic opportunity to contribute to the nation’s story and the expansion of the kingdom of heaven on Earth.

Christian Visibility Day is more than a call to prayer; it is a clarion call for actionable faith. Our initiatives encourage active participation in the democratic process – to vote, to run for public office, and to be a relentless gospel presence in every sphere of influence.

The urgency of this mission is underscored by the evident corrosion of moral and ethical standards, an affliction stemming from power’s corrupting influence. This decline is manifest in our government, media, and educational institutions, challenging the very freedoms our Constitution enshrines. Our fight transcends cultural boundaries; it is about upholding the kingdom of God and fulfilling the Church’s divine mandate in an age shadowed by growing darkness.

As part of our ongoing commitment to these foundational values, AFW also celebrates the launch of the America First Policy Institute’s Biblical Foundations initiative, introduced over a year ago. This program draws on the profound Judeo-Christian principles underpinning our nation’s development and resilience. By acknowledging the rich Jewish heritage that complements our Christian beliefs, we recognize the broader fabric of faith that contributes to the strength and unity of our society.

Let us unite in prayer and action. Together, we can heal America and illuminate the path to a future graced by divine providence and righteousness.”

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