An Urgent Call to Action for Governor Katie Hobbs: Sign SB 1231 Now

March 5th, 2024

Amid the dire crisis at our southern border, the Arizona Legislature has taken decisive action by passing SB 1321, a measure to protect Arizonans from the crime and destruction triggered by illegal border crossings. America First Works released the following statement urging Governor Katie Hobbs to sign this legislation immediately:

“SB 1321 is a necessary step in asserting Arizona’s right to protect itself and its citizens in the absence of federal action. The urgency with which lawmakers acted reflects the gravity of the border crisis — a crisis that demands immediate action.

Now is not the time for partisan politics but the time for public safety, sovereignty, and the rule of law. We are calling on you to stand with the people of Arizona and prioritize their safety and well-being, which continue to be threatened by a wide-open border. This is your duty as their governor.”

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