America First Movement Organizations Unite Around Historic Pledge

April 4th, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an unprecedented show of unity and commitment to the principles that have long defined the American spirit, leading conservative organizations have released a historic pledge, promising to work together to harness resources, mobilize voters like never before, and stop the disastrous far-left agenda of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

“With the stakes as high as they are in 2024, Conservatives must rally an unprecedented coalition of unity, effort, and collaboration. The America First movement is committed like never before to demonstrate historic strength to meet this moment and save our country,” said Former Congressman Lee Zeldin, America First Policy Institute Pathway to 2025 Chair and America First Works Board member.

“Upon leaving the White House in January 2021, many told me the America First movement was done. But I knew we had only just begun. Today’s unprecedented day-long meeting and strategy session with more than 50 of the top conservative organizations committed to saving America was one of the most inspiring things I have ever participated in,” said Brooke Rollins, President and CEO of the America First Policy Institute and America First Works Senior Advisor.

“The time to unite and save America is now. With the future of our country on the line, Americans are counting on us to band together and win in November. To that end, America First Works is proud to stand with top leaders in our movement. We must work together seamlessly in an unprecedented effort to turn out voters and defeat Joe Biden. By joining forces, we will ensure that Election Day marks the beginning of America’s comeback,” said Ashley Hayek, America First Works Executive Director.

The growing list of America First leaders includes:

Association of Mature American Citizens
Association of Mature American Citizens Action
America First Policy Institute
America First Works
Election Integrity Network Action
American Principles Project
Cascade County Election Integrity Group
NC Data Team
Tea Party Patriots Action
Moms for America
Black Conservative Federation
Asian Action Network
Turning Point Action
Faith & Freedom Coalition
CURE America Action
Pure Integrity Michigan Elections
Job Creators Network
Frederick Douglass Foundation
Hispanic Leadership Coalition
Hispanic Impact Panel
Bienvenido USA
Well Versed
The Courage Tour
Job Creators Network Foundation
American Christian Caucus
Pennsylvania Fair Elections
America Back to Basics Action

To read the entire pledge, click here.

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