AFW Urges the Georgia Legislature to Pass “The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act”

March 27, 2023  •  6:30pm

Washington, D.C. – Today, America First Works Executive Director Ashley Hayek released the following statement supporting The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act, led by State Senator Greg Dolezal and Lt. Governor Burt Jones, and urging the Georgia Legislature to send it to Governor Brian Kemp’s desk immediately:

“For too long, education freedom has been denied for many Georgia families. This week, the Georgia Legislature can change that by passing The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act. No student should ever be trapped in a school failing to meet their needs. Yet, many Democrats in the Peach State disagree, and their recent rhetoric against parents who just want the best for their kids is appalling. Thankfully, Georgia has leaders who care about putting students first. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, State Senator Dolezal, Lt. Governor Jones, Governor Kemp, and many others should be applauded for the historic education changes coming soon to Georgia.”