Statement from Ashley Hayek America First Works Executive Director

September 02, 2022  •  1:44pm

“President Biden’s speech tonight was an unprecedented rallying cry against half of America. When Biden was sworn into office, he promised to be a unifying leader. That was a blatant lie. So far, all we’ve gotten is divisive rhetoric, the targeting of political opponents, and radical left policies, and we’re not even halfway through his first and only term.

 In the last month, Biden’s DOJ raided the home of former President Trump, and labeled his supporters ‘semi-fascists’ and ‘threats to democracy.’ Oppose him politically and he will target you. It’s un-American. It's evident a real threat to our democracy is a President who:

  • Raided the home of his top political opponent and labeled half the country as “extremists.”
  • Targeted parents as “domestic terrorists.”
  • Let 13 U.S. service members die from his botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and simply stared at his watch as caskets returned home.
  • Stayed silent as his supporters threatened Supreme Court Justices and their families to overturn a ruling.
  • Fired working-class citizens and U.S. soldiers for refusing to comply with his vaccine mandate.
  • Blamed the entire pandemic on “unvaccinated Americans.”
  • Financially ruined Americans through the inflation he caused.
  • Intentionally opened our southern border and left our communities defenseless against a wave of violence and drugs.
  • Ignored the baby formula crisis as desperate parents struggle with empty shelves.

 Joe Biden is everything he claims his political opponents are. Americans know better. After four years of American greatness for every man, woman, and child, regardless of ethnicity or socio-economic background, Americans know they were better off four years ago than they are today. The people have been awakened and know the policies of the true America First President are needed now more than ever. And the soul of our nation would be better off if Joe Biden and the elite, radical Left ruling class were no longer in power.

 This President has no interest in trying to unify the country as he has wasted every moment to do so. Tonight’s speech was no different. Americans know what they heard. President Biden branded half of them as ‘extremists’ all because they oppose him politically. They will not forget it.”