Statement from Brooke L. Rollins, Senior Advisor to America First Works, on the Radical Left’s Abortion Extremism

September 21, 2022  •  3:14pm

"Is it ok to allow an abortion in the 7th, 8th, or even 9th month when a baby can experience pain and distress? Every lawmaker who advocates for abortion needs to answer that question. This includes the 49 Democrat Senators who voted in favor of extreme, late-term abortion this past summer.

 It is hard to imagine that in America we would mirror the same unhumanitarian policies of the regimes of North Korea and China, but unfortunately the radical Left’s extreme, late-term abortion stance is no different. These radical policies have no place in our great Nation. In California, Democrats’ new abortion playbook amends a state constitution to allow babies to be aborted in the third trimester when babies can experience and feel pain and can survive outside their mother’s womb. That’s where the radical left stands today. California is just the beginning…"