America First Works Commends Governor Abbott for Prioritizing School Choice Proposals

Facebook Twitter Dallas, TX – Brooke Rollins, President and CEO of the America First Policy Institute and Senior Advisor to America First Works, released the following statement today commending Governor Gregg Abbott for prioritizing Texas families by making funding for school choice in Texas a priority. “For years, we have worked toward allowing every Texas family […]

New Video – Exposed: Pastors for Texas Children’s Teachers Union Connection

Pastors for Texas Children is using the pulpit to push the same progressive agenda used by radical teachers’ unions on Texas children. The group is masquerading as a religiously affiliated non-profit “ministry” that instead, advocates for Anti-American woke ideology, not educational opportunity. Most notably, the Leftist astroturfing group Pastors for Texas Children: CLAIMS to be a non-partisan […]

Oklahoma Bill to Block Anti-American Energy Extremists Crosses Finish Line

America First Works released the following statement praising the Oklahoma legislature for its continued leadership on the Energy Discrimination Elimination Act (House Bill 2034). This bill, which passed the Oklahoma Legislature today with bipartisan support, would keep the state out of deals with corporations that boycott oil and gas production. “Extremist groups hijack corporations and […]

STOP Big Government Socialist Spending!

Democrats want more of the same after sneaking ‘Free Money’ to Special Interests, Illegal Immigrants, China, and beyond into Massive Spending Bill Spending more money to make government bigger will bankrupt America. Ultra-liberals in Congress and White House should practice fiscal restraint and STOP unnecessarily running up the government credit card while families across the country are […]

New Video: J.P. Morgan ‘All In’ on China Despite COVID Lockdown and Supply Chain Crisis

America First Works is releasing a new video to highlight J.P. Morgan’s ‘all-in approach’ to China, and CEO Jamie Dimon’s blind eye to the disasters unfolding at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Following a recent earnings announcement and during his annual assessment of the global economy, Jamie Dimon skipped any mention of […]

America First Works Applauds Florida’s Move to Enact Landmark Law to Boost Trust in Elections

Tallahassee, FL– To restore faith in our election system and curb the shattering of public trust following radical changes made to state election laws during the 2020 election, Governor Ron DeSantis signed an AFW supported bill that protects free and fair elections. “By making these reforms, Governor DeSantis has ensured Florida remains at the forefront of putting all […]

Congratulations to Florida for Standing up to Corporate California Bullying

Tallahassee, FL– Today, America First Works (AFW) issued the following statement supporting Senate Bill 4-C: Independent Special Districts. By voting to terminate Walt Disney World’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, the Florida Legislature is sending a strong signal that the state of Florida is governed by the will of the people and not the Leftist ideologies of […]

AFW Celebrates New Florida Law Addressing the Fatherhood Crisis

Tallahassee, Fla. – America First Works’ Senior Advisor, Jack Brewer, issued the following statement in support of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signing AFW supported House Bill 7065. “Governor DeSantis and those in the Florida legislature who supported this bill will have a true and meaningful impact on the lives of millions of Florida children,” said Jack […]

Pastor Paula White-Cain Applauds Florida for Enacting AFW Supported Pro-life Law

Tallahassee, FL – Pastor Paula White-Cain, human rights advocate, Senior Advisor to America First Works, and Chair for the Center for American Values at the America First Policy Institute, made the following statement today in support of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signing the Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality Bill (House Bill 5), also known as the […]

MUST READ: Russia is Small Beans. What will the financial industry do about China?

The images flashing across American television screens that showcase Vladimir Putin’s violence and aggression in Ukraine are stoking American businesses to shutter their operations in Russia. But the actions of U.S. companies to avoid any role in this aggression against a sovereign democratic nation are exposing hypocrisy. How long should our largest U.S. businesses wait […]

AFW Applauds Governor DeSantis and Florida GOP for Putting Parents First

In response to Governor Ron DeSantis signing the Parental Rights in Education Bill (HB 1557), Ashley Hayek, Executive Director of America First Works, and Scott Turner, former Texas State Representative who played in the NFL and Chairman of the Center for Education Opportunity at the America First Policy Institute, made the following statements. “This bill, […]

New Video: “Woke” Corporations, Anti-American Values

From Nike to American Express, to J.P. Morgan Chase to Coca-Cola, more and more American corporations are abandoning their fiduciary responsibilities and political neutrality to cozy up to China, prioritize racial and gender discrimination, and indoctrinate employees on critical race theory. A new video released by America First Works highlights the hypocrisy of American corporations selling off American values to pander […]

MUST WATCH: New Video Exposes Teacher’s Union – American Federation of Teachers Texas – Radical Policies

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), which advocates for radical, liberal policies, is endorsing several Republican candidates running for election to the Texas House of Representatives including: Justin Berry, Republican candidate for Texas House District 19 Barron Casteel, Republican candidate for Texas House District 73 Texas Representative Ernest Bailes, Republican candidate for Texas House District 18 The people of […]

Statement from Pastor Paula White-Cain on Florida’s Introduction of HB 5 and SB 146 to Stop Late Term Abortions

We are thrilled to see proposed legislation to stop late term abortions and provide new resources to reduce infant mortality in Florida with the introduction of both HB 5 and SB 146. Modern medicine and science now confirm the substantial developmental milestones of an unborn baby at 15 weeks of gestational age, information that was […]

Florida State Senate Must Pass Legislation Favoring Florida Workers Now!

Washington, D.C. – Today, Brooke Rollins released the following statement urging the Florida State Senate to act swiftly on a bill that would give power to workers rather than union bosses. The legislation cleared the Florida House of Representatives (HB1197) and has been idly sitting in the Florida Senate (SB1458) since March 4th. “Florida’s State Senate could […]

Sweeping New SEC Rules Kill Jobs, Obfuscates Constitution!

Washington, D.C. – Today, America First Works (AFW) released the following statement in response to sweeping new job-killing regulations by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulators requiring public American businesses to disclose onerous environmental data about their operations and information regarding their suppliers and partnering operators. “These new rules by the SEC are nearly impossible […]

America First Works Applauds Florida House on Unanimous Passage of Legislation Addressing Fatherhood Crisis

Tallahassee, FL –  America First Works released the following statement regarding the Florida House of Representative’s passage of House Bill 7065: Child Welfare sponsored by Representative Thad Altman (R-Indiatlantic). “America First Works applauds the Florida House of Representatives for the unanimous passage of House Bill 7065, legislation that targets the growing crisis that has emerged across the Nation: […]

Statement on U. S. House of Representatives Passing President Biden’s Big Government Socialism Bill

Washington, D.C. – Earlier today House Democrats passed amnesty for illegal immigrants, special interest carveouts, a tax increase on small businesses and families, and empowered the IRS to spy on Americans as part of President Biden’s Big Government Socialism Bill. This legislation comes with an actual price tag of nearly 5 trillion dollars of taxpayer money. According […]

AFPI Launches New Political Arm: America First Works

Washington, D.C. – Today, America First Policy Institute (AFPI) announced the establishment of its affiliated advocacy organization, America First Works. America First Works seeks to transfer power back to the American people and away from government elites by engaging in grassroots advocacy to affect change at the federal, state, and local level. America First Works also released its […]

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