Statement from Pastor Paula White-Cain on Florida’s Introduction of HB 5 and SB 146 to Stop Late Term Abortions

We are thrilled to see proposed legislation to stop late term abortions and provide new resources to reduce infant mortality in Florida with the introduction of both HB 5 and SB 146. Modern medicine and science now confirm the substantial developmental milestones of an unborn baby at 15 weeks of gestational age, information that was […]

Florida State Senate Must Pass Legislation Favoring Florida Workers Now!

Washington, D.C. – Today, Brooke Rollins released the following statement urging the Florida State Senate to act swiftly on a bill that would give power to workers rather than union bosses. The legislation cleared the Florida House of Representatives (HB1197) and has been idly sitting in the Florida Senate (SB1458) since March 4th. “Florida’s State Senate could […]

Sweeping New SEC Rules Kill Jobs, Obfuscates Constitution!

Washington, D.C. – Today, America First Works (AFW) released the following statement in response to sweeping new job-killing regulations by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulators requiring public American businesses to disclose onerous environmental data about their operations and information regarding their suppliers and partnering operators. “These new rules by the SEC are nearly impossible […]

America First Works Applauds Florida House on Unanimous Passage of Legislation Addressing Fatherhood Crisis

Tallahassee, FL –  America First Works released the following statement regarding the Florida House of Representative’s passage of House Bill 7065: Child Welfare sponsored by Representative Thad Altman (R-Indiatlantic). “America First Works applauds the Florida House of Representatives for the unanimous passage of House Bill 7065, legislation that targets the growing crisis that has emerged across the Nation: […]

Statement on U. S. House of Representatives Passing President Biden’s Big Government Socialism Bill

Washington, D.C. – Earlier today House Democrats passed amnesty for illegal immigrants, special interest carveouts, a tax increase on small businesses and families, and empowered the IRS to spy on Americans as part of President Biden’s Big Government Socialism Bill. This legislation comes with an actual price tag of nearly 5 trillion dollars of taxpayer money. According […]

AFPI Launches New Political Arm: America First Works

Washington, D.C. – Today, America First Policy Institute (AFPI) announced the establishment of its affiliated advocacy organization, America First Works. America First Works seeks to transfer power back to the American people and away from government elites by engaging in grassroots advocacy to affect change at the federal, state, and local level. America First Works also released its […]

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